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Otile Brown’s Ethiopian Ex-Girlfriend Nabbi Responds After He Blamed Her For Rejecting Him

Otile Brown cried foul as he poured out his heart to Nabayet aka Nabbi whom he dated on/off for about four years.

The ‘Alivyonipenda’ singer hooked up with Ethiopian hottie Nabbi following his breakup with Vera Sidika in September 2018.

Otile Brown broke up with Nabbi in October 2019 before they got back together and parted ways again in January 2022.

On February 23, 2024, Otile Brown took to Instagram and opened up about his efforts to reconcile with his Ethiopian ex-girlfriend.

The singer, who recently released a song titled ‘Dear Ex’ dedicated to Nabayet and which is a part of his new album dubbed ‘Grace’, revealed that he had to let go because because he felt she had changed after breaking her heart.

He also noted that the long distance between them was also a factor that contributed to her rejecting him.

“Nilimpenda sana mu Ethiopian, nilitaka I sana kumuoa Ile kisa nilimuumiza sana kipindi cha nyuma alinikataa mara kadhaa. Zile trip ze ethiopia zote zilikue za kumbembeleza akubali nimuoe Ila alikataa. Lakini ata Mimi pia siku mpambania sana mana nilihisi amebadilika sio yule Mu Ethiopia nilie mjua. Zile heartbreak na long distance pengine zilimkatisha tamaa.

“I had to take the L and let go Huo waamuzi ulinitesa sana, nimekaa kipindi kirefu single mana nilihisi hakuna mtu anae nielewa. Kama yeye na nilikua na uwoga kua huenda sitawai kumpata mtu Kama yeye maisha yangu yote. But now I’m grateful I found love. To my concerned big bros 4 sisters moms and pops on my DMs always love and respect to her,” Otile Brown shared.


“May that ‘Dear Ex’ song bless and show you all youngins the way. It took a lot of courage and selflessness to be that vulnerable and tell the story as it was,” Otile Brown added.


Nabbi has since responded to Otile Brown’s remarks about their failed relationship.

The Ethiopian beauty also said that even though she had let go of Otile Brown, she still had so much love and respect for him.

“Love can be really tricky at times. There are no easy answers. Even in darkened times, light lives on the other side. When it is in its purest & most profound form, love goes beyond the superficial. Their happiness and success will still please you even after you let go. God gives God takes. We can only do our best and hope for the best 🤍” Nabbi said.


She added;

“So much love and respect to you”.


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