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“Matara Met Starlet Wahu On A Dating Site Called ‘Bed Escorts’ On January 1, 2024” – Police Release More Details 

Police and the prosecution have released more incriminating evidence in a bid to persuade the judge to deny serial killer John Matara bail.

Among the evidence released to convince the judge that Matara is a dangerous criminal if released back to the public include the disturbing details of how he met Starlet Wahu on a dating site and killed her two days later.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), who opposed Matara’s application for bail and bond terms, said in an affidavit that John Matara met socialite Starlet Wahu on an online dating site dubbed “Bed Escorts” on January 1, 2024, before killing her at a short-stay rental apartment in South B, Nairobi on January 3, 2024.

In the affidavit, Sergeant Alex Chokera of Makadara DCI offices said Wahu went to the apartment at 7 pm on January 3, 2024, where she was received by Matara and taken to the AirBnB on the fourth floor of Papino Apartments.

Sgt. Chokera said Matara was seen by a security guard at a nearby apartment leaving the Papino apartment gate at around 9 pm with a blood-stained trouser and a towel around his neck.

The security guard invited another guard and they viewed the CCTV at the apartment where Matara had left and invited the AirBnB’s owner who visited and opened the house with the spare key and Wahu’s lifeless body was found.

Sgt. Chokera noted that the owner of the apartment has expressed fears for her life given that she physically interacted with Matara whom she also gave her phone contacts.

“I am therefore apprehensive that the accused is likely to use the said telephone number to threaten, intimidate and or coerce the said prosecution witness not to give evidence in this matter,” Chokera states in the affidavit.

The investigator states in the affidavit that several police stations have recorded several complaints from different women against Matara, who lured them to AirBnBs and committed criminal acts before fleeing.

Some of the incidents happened in Thika and Nairobi CBD but most of the victims reported the incidents at the Industrial Area police station after they learnt Matara was detained there.

There are similar complaints reported at the Kasarani police station and Kiwanja police post in Kasarani Sub County.

Sgt. Chokera said the complaints point to a likelihood of more charges in the future after ongoing investigations are completed.

In his application for bail and bond, Matara had indicated that he is ready to abide by any terms to be set by the court. He dismissed allegations that he is likely to interfere with witnesses in the matter.

Justice Kanyi Kimondo postponed John Matara’s bail hearing to March 18.

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