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“Nilipasua Simu Yake” Wahu Recalls Why She Got Angry At Nameless In The Labour Ward

Wahu had a fight with Nameless in the hospital just moments before she gave birth to their daughter.

In a radio phone call with Bill Miya, Wahu narrated the drama that ensued in the labor ward in August 2006 when she went to deliver her firstborn daughter Tumiso.

Wahu said she got angry at Nameless as she was experiencing labor pains while he was on the phone negotiating a deal.

The mother of three grabbed her husband’s phone and smashed it on the floor in anger as he was not showing concern for her and their unborn baby girl.

“I vividly remember when I was giving birth to my first child. I was a new wife, and I was in labor. You guys don’t understand the whole thing. I am in pain, and then my husband, Mr. Mathenge, was there negotiating a deal. I grabbed the phone and threw it down,” Wahu narrated.

Despite the chaos of the moment, Nameless swiftly collected the phone from under the hospital bed, realizing the gravity of the situation.

He promptly informed the person on the other end of the phone that his wife was in labor.

“He collected the phone under the bed inside the labour ward and told the person he was on the phone with, ‘excuse me, my wife is in labour’. The other guy asked him, ‘What are you doing on the phone when your wife is in labor?’” Wahu chuckled.

Reflecting on the incident, Wahu emphasized her need for support and comfort during the intense experience of childbirth.

“All I needed was his support and some rubbing on my back. I was not understanding,” she admitted.

However, Wahu noted that such a scenario never recurred, as both she and Nameless navigated the waters of parenthood and marriage together.

“He has never done that again and we were all new in parenthood and marriage.”

Nameless and Wahu met in 1997 while they were both students at University of Nairobi, they dated for close to eight years before they decided to get married on 10th September 2005.

They now have three daughters.

The celebrity couple was blessed with their first child Tumiso on August 2nd 2006, and their second child Nyakio was born on August 9th 2013.

Nameless and Wahu welcomed their third child Shiru on October 11, 2022.

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