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“Kitamramba” 35 Witnesses To Testify In DJ Fatxo’s Case On Jeff Mwathi’s Death

“We have cried, we have suffered,but tunaamini kuna Mungu mbinguni,” late Jeff Mwathi’s mother says, regarding murder case against DJ Fatxo.

A long-awaited inquest into the tragic death of Jeff Mwathi, which occurred in February of this year at the residence of DJ Faxto, has been scheduled to commence on August 10th.

The matter was deliberated before Magistrate Zainab Abdul on Thursday, during which the investigating officer was instructed to furnish the relevant documents to all concerned parties participating in the inquest.

With a significant number of 35 witnesses expected to testify, the aim is to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mwathi’s untimely demise. The inquest holds the promise of unraveling the truth and providing closure to those affected by this heartbreaking incident.

Jeff Mwathi's Mom Lectures DJ Fatxo's Mother Like A Kid Anne Mwathi, the grieving mother of the late Jeff Mwathi, was present in court on Thursday.

In an emotional statement to the media, she expressed the immense pain and agony her family has endured since the loss of her beloved son. Their journey through this devastating tragedy has been marked by profound sorrow and a longing for answers.

As the court sets the stage for the upcoming inquest, the hopes and prayers of the Mwathi family, along with the wider community, rest upon the proceedings. They yearn for justice and a thorough examination of the circumstances that led to Jeff Mwathi’s passing, with the aspiration that this process will provide them with the closure and healing they so desperately seek.

After a careful examination of the evidence, DJ Fatxo, in whose apartment house Mwathi tragically passed away, has been cleared of any culpability as the DCI investigations failed to establish a link between him and the untimely death.

Jeff MwathiThe tragic demise of the late interior designer sent shockwaves through the public, sparking widespread outrage. It came to light that Mwathi had met his unfortunate fate following a night of revelry, leading to further scrutiny and a search for answers surrounding the circumstances that led to his passing.

However, following a thorough review of the available evidence, DJ Fatxo has been exonerated from any direct involvement in the incident. This development marks a significant turn in the investigation, shifting the focus towards other potential factors contributing to Mwathi’s tragic end.

As the public continues to be angry with the repercussions of this heartrending event and death, the search for truth and justice continues.

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