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“Nlikua Natumia Boyfriend” Elsa Majimbo Explains After ‘Accidentally’ Posting Dirty Video Of Herself

Elsa Majimbo recorded herself undressing and getting naked like an animal but instead of sending the video to her boyfriend, she posted it online.

The controversial content creator took to X (formerly Twitter) to tender her apology after she shared the video online.

“If anyone has seen that sexy video I am so sorry. That was meant for my man. Not social media. Forget and act like you didn’t seey,” Elsa Majimbo wrote.

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Netizens quickly probed Elsa Majimbo in regard to the dirty video she ‘accidentally’ posted online.

“OMG 🙆🏽‍♂️ WHAT HAPPENED??? I hope no one managed to save it,” Raymond Monty Maboea asked.

“After I did my outfit check yesterday I did a video undressing and sent it to my boyfriend then posted that on threads instead of my outfit check,” Elsa Majimbo replied.

“I saw it and wondered why you were showing your undergarments in “What I’m wearing today.” I thought the humiliation ritual folks have gotten to our girl.😰” MonQ life commented.

“Oh honey. That was meant for one man’s eyes,” Elsa Majimbo replied.

“Where is it😫,” CEELA commented.

“In the trash 😭 It was on threads for 18 hours before I noticed,” Elsa Majombo replied.

Screenshot 2024 03 26 085854

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