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“He Is Innocent ” Amina Abdi Rabar Defends DJ Joe Mfalme

NTV host Amina Abdi has claimed that DJ Joe Mfalme is one of the kindest persons who can never harm anyone.

Sharing a pictorial of herself and the embattled DJ, Amina said that Joe Mfalme is innocent and was not the one who assaulted the DCI detective, Felix Kelian, leading to his death.

Amina shared an encouragement for the DJ saying that the difficult moment would pass.

“Joe Mfalme is innocent. I said what I said. He is the kindest and most hardworking person I know. He can’t even harm anyone no matter how they try to flip it in the media, people who know you know you could never do this. God will get you through. This shall pass my brother. I know you aren’t the one who did this. Let’s prove your innocence,” she wrote.

She added that having known Joe Mfalme during her entire career,  she said that he is a true gentle man who cares about many.

“I’ve known Joe my entire career. He takes his work very seriously. A true gentleman. A religious and kind man who takes care of soo many people . I hope blogs will have the same energy to post his story when he is acquitted of all charges. Praying for my brother. He could never do some shit like this!!! Ever,” Amina said

Many other celebrities including Nameless and DJ Lyta have also stood in solidarity with Joe Mfalme, expressing their belief that he wasn’t involved in the detectives death.

In a statement on Sunday, DJ Joe Mfalme broke silence on the matter, pledging to cooperate with the authorities in a bid to uncover the truth.

He also shared his condolence to the family of the detective.

“Given the ongoing investigations and the sensitive nature of the matter, we shall refrain from making any further statements at this time. We shall purpose to update you once the investigations are complete,” he said.

The DJ and others linked to the incident have since been arraigned in court and the prosecution is seeking to detain them for 21 days as they conduct invetsigations


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