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Elsa Majimbo Unites Kenyans With Her Leaked Private Video

“If anyone has seen that s3xy video I am so sorry. That was meant for my man. Forget and act like you didn’t see!” Elsa Majimbo says.

Elsa Majimbo found herself in the midst of a social media storm after accidentally sharing a personal video on her X account. Elsa, who gained fame for her humorous skits has been making headlines since she moved to the United States to pursue her dreams.

Elsa took to her social media to address the unexpected leak of her private video. “If anyone has seen that sexy video I am so sorry. That was meant for my man. Not social media. Forget and act like you didn’t see,” Elsa expressed regretfully.

She went on to apologize to her followers for the unintended content sharing, acknowledging the mistake and expressing remorse for any discomfort caused.

“I feel so bad for exposing uncalled-for content on my crowd. So sorry about that video guys, honest mistake. Love y’all ❤️!” Elsa says.

The recent trending news involving Elsa Majimbo and Naomi Campbell sparked discussions and raised eyebrows among their fans and followers. Elsa took to social media to share a lengthy video detailing her strained relationship with the British model and actress Naomi Campbell.

The backstory reveals that Elsa and Naomi initially formed a close friendship after meeting in 2020 during Campbell’s visit to Kenya. They bonded and even planned to go on holiday together after exchanging texts. However, things took a turn when Elsa alleged that Naomi’s actions led her into a period of alcoholism and depression.

In her video, Elsa claimed that their friendship soured after Naomi threatened her with legal action over a documentary that Elsa had worked on without Naomi’s explicit consent. The documentary in question was supposed to feature Elsa, with Naomi acting as a financial backer and advisor. However, Elsa’s decision to create a separate documentary about herself seemingly triggered Naomi’s anger and disappointment.


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