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“Nimelearn Lesson” DJ Joe Mfalme Admits After Being Released From Remand

DJ Joe Mfalme, among 5 others have been cleared of the murder of DCI detective Felix Kelian and will now be state witnesses in the case.

The 6 were set free of murder after the Director of Public Prosecution found them with no case to answer as their was no evidence linking them to the death of Kelian.

Joe Mfalme’s  hype man Allan Onyango alias Hype Ballo, is however set to be charged at Kiambu Court with Kelian’s death.

All the suspects had been in remand for the past 14 days and DJ Joe Mfalme has hinted that it was not easy, adding that he has learnt his lesson

“Lawyer ashaongea mimi siongei sana. Acha hata nikaoge na nikanyolewe. Kila kitu imeenda poa. Lawyer ashasema. Mimi nimelearn lesson. 14 days…” he told the media in a very brief session.


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In his Instagram account, after being cleared of the murder charges, Joe Mflame also shared a statement, thanking all who have supported him and his team during the challenging time.

“Dear friends, supporters and Well wishers, We want to sincerely thank you for having stood firm with DJ Joe and his team,” read the statement.

The statement further revealed that DJ Joe and his team welcomed  the outcome of investigations that exonerated him and and part of his team from the case.

“As a result of the outcome of the investigations, DJ Joe Mfalme , Eric Kariuki and Simon Wanjiru have been released unconditionally by the court sitting at Kibera,” the statement further read.

“We have advised our legal representative to follow up with Allan Ochieng’s case and provide legal assistance.”

According to investigations, the late Kelian was assaulted after hitting Joe Mfalme’s car from behind in a minor accident in Kiambu. He later succumbed to the injuries he suffered while receiving treatment at Nairobi West Hospital.


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