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“Nimekua Dame!” Hot Photos Of Dayon, 1st Tanzanian Man To Undergo Sex Change

“Wamekata uume wake na kumwekea nunu!” Dayon is now a woman after his gender affirming surgery procedure.

Dayon Vladislaus Monson has become the first Tanzanian man to undergo gender affirming surgery, transitioning into a woman. This transformative journey has captivated the attention of many and is paving the way for discussions surrounding gender identity and acceptance in Tanzania.

Gender affirming surgery often includes vaginoplasty, a surgical procedure that allows individuals to align their physical appearance with their gender identity. One of the common techniques employed in vaginoplasty is penile inversion. This technique involves several intricate steps to create a neovagina.

Mr Vladislaus Monson lives abroad and has received so many Tanzanian fans after US-based blogger Mange Kimambi shared the news on her page.

The procedure begins with the removal of the testicles and scrotum. The glans of the penis is then reconfigured to form a clitoris. A crucial part of the surgery involves surgically creating a canal that connects the bladder and the rectum, forming the vaginal canal.

The foreskin of the penis plays a pivotal role as it is inverted to construct the interior walls of the neovagina.

Dayon shared that all was well and she is now in the healing process.

In cases where the patient has been circumcised before surgery, skin from the scrotum may also be utilized to fashion the neovaginal walls, with a meticulous focus on cauterizing hair follicles to prevent complications.

The urethra is shortened, and various other components, such as the mons pubis, labia majora and minora, and the urethral opening, are crafted using scrotal and urethral tissue.

These surgical procedures, often performed by skilled medical professionals, are aimed at achieving a successful gender transition and providing individuals with a sense of physical alignment with their gender identity.

Tanzanians and netizens have received the news in shock and are asking why Dayon chose to change how God created him.




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