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“Mimba Ya Mwisho!” Netizens Tell Bahati To Impregnate Diana Marua Again

“Mnunulie Kenya sisi tutahame!” “Mpatie mechi safi weather imekubali!” Netizens say as Diana Marua celebrates birthday.

Bahati recently made headlines when he officially paid the dowry for his wife, Diana Marua, after seven years of marriage. This significant milestone was shared on Bahati’s Instagram account, delighting fans and followers with the celebration of their love story.

In the post, Bahati expressed his excitement about formalizing their union before their upcoming official anniversary date. He announced, “It’s official!!! I have finally done the dowry payment, and our dad Mzee Omach has blessed us to proceed with the wedding arrangements. Diana didn’t expect this, but I was so eager to formalize our marriage before the official anniversary date this coming 20th October… this was a surprise.”

This unexpected gesture from Bahati was gift number five, and he hinted at more surprises to come, emphasizing Diana’s central role in his life. It was a touching display of love and commitment that left fans and well-wishers celebrating the couple’s journey.

Diana Marua received seven different gifts, including her dowry, to mark this special occasion. But the highlight of the day came when Bahati surprised her with a luxurious gift that dreams are made of—a Range Rover Vogue Autobiography.

In a video, both Bahati and Marua were seen dressed in matching navy blue outfits before boarding a navy blue chopper to pick up the navy blue car.

Diana Marua range roverBahati shared, “Hii gari iko moja tu Kenya. Yako tu pekee yake. This is a Range Rover Vogue Autobiography. This is the best model, and these are your car keys. It has special specs just for you. The interior is red wine and has been customized for you. Don’t cry, celebrate it because you deserve it.”

Emotions were high as Diana Marua was moved to tears of joy, expressing her gratitude for the extravagant gift.

As if this celebration couldn’t get any more heartwarming, Diana Marua also celebrated her birthday days after. In response to the couple’s beautiful moments, netizens and fans expressed their wishes to see Diana Marua pregnant once again, but for the last time. Many took to the comments section, sending their well-wishes and celebrating the love and happiness that Bahati and Diana share.


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