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Jackie Matubia Reveals Why She Doesn’t Go To Church

“Huwa siendi Church mimi!” Actress Jackie Matubia says.

Jackie Matubia stirred up social media with her invaluable advice for women, emphasizing the importance of selecting intelligent partners and recognizing men who actively participate in child-rearing.

In a recent YouTube video, Matubia candidly delved into her journey in 2023, sharing both its highs and lows.

Jackie also opened up about her decision not to attend church. In an interview, she shared her beliefs and the reasons behind her absence from religious gatherings.

Matubia began by expressing her belief in God, making it clear that her choice not to attend church services did not indicate a lack of faith. She says, “I believe in God, but I don’t go to church. I haven’t yet found a church to go to.”

The statement immediately caught the attention of her fans and followers, sparking a conversation about spirituality and religious practices.

When questioned about why she continues to maintain friendships with individuals who attend church regularly while she does not, Jackie Matubia explained that her primary focus is on cultivating a personal relationship with God.

Jackie MatubiaShe emphasized the importance of an individual’s personal connection with their faith, saying, “Yeah, those are my friends, but for me, no. You know everyone has a personal relationship with God, so for me, that’s what matters.”

Matubia’s revelation sheds light on the diversity of spiritual beliefs and practices in today’s society. It highlights the fact that faith is a deeply personal and individual experience.

While some find their spiritual solace within the walls of a church, others, like Matubia, choose to nourish their faith through personal reflection, prayer, and their own unique spiritual journey.


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