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Nikomeni!!! Jackie Matubia Throws Shades At Her Ex Blessing Lungaho

Recently, social media users suspected that Jackie Matubia and Blessing Lungaho had reunited.

This is after Blessing shared his photo with a woman’s hands covering his eyes. The face of the woman was however not captured in the photo.

“Walisema love is blind lakini mimi niliona perfect match wangu pale HelloMrRightKe. Sasa Saturday nights initakuwanga tu Startimes and chill, me and my lady tukiwatch Dr Oweneke na Diana Marua wakisaidia more ladies wapate Mr. Right,” the actor captioned the photo.

A section of his followers were convinced that the hands belonged to Jackie Matubia. Some went to Matubia account to actually confirm their suspicions.

“Had to go to check Matubia’s current finger nails and yes it is her,” one said.

“Mi hata nimejama si mwache kutuzungusha wajameni, mko pamojja ama mliachana nyinyi wazazi wa Zendaya,” read another comment.

“Mkono za Jackie Matubia lakini mnatubeba ufala na si poa yaani hamtufanyi vizuri,” read a separate comment.

Following the speculations, Matubia was forced to come out and strongly denied that she was the one on Lungaho’s photo. She shared a video showcasing her nails.

Matubia further criticized the choice of props that the two Lungaho and his colleague used to shoot their content

“Can you compare those nails to these ones please. I don’t involve in content mbaya. Gai hata maua ya 300 haiwezi nunuliwa to just do content wanachukua ya vase. Nikomeni,” the mother of two said.




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