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“Ni Possible Kweli?” Doubts Arise Over Asunta Wagura’s Twins At 60

“Twins again in 2024 at 60? Insane!” Asunta has seven kids now and netizens are asking questions about how the well-known HIV activist, could give birth to twins at the age of 60.

It all started when an old tweet by Larry Madowo, during his time at NTV hosting the trend show, reveals that Asunta Wagura, who has been living with HIV for over 20 years, had welcomed twins in 2013.

Asunta, who already has seven children, shared the surprising news on her Facebook page. She called the birth of her twins a surprising twist in her life story.

“At almost 60, I’ve become a mother to twin girls! It’s a twist I never expected, and I can hardly believe it myself!” she wrote.

Asunta has been living with HIV for over 34 years. For her, the birth of her twins is something special—a fulfillment, a revelation, and a revolution of her soul.

“I never knew what I was missing until my girls arrived, wrapped in pink and crying with life-affirming energy… Who says you can’t start new adventures even as you’re getting older? I laugh as I rock my girls to sleep,” she added.

Asunta’s journey with HIV began in 1988 when being diagnosed with HIV was almost like being given a death sentence. But she’s proven that living with HIV doesn’t mean giving up on life or dreams. Despite the doubts raised online, Asunta is embracing her new role as a mother once again, showing that age is just a number when it comes to love and new beginnings.


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