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“Females Have Turned Out To Be Snakes” Noti Flow Opts For A Male Bestie

Noti Flow has been a member of the LGBTQ community but she has previously dated men including rapper Colonel Mustafa.

Her most recent relationship with a person of her gender was with King Alami which ended towards the end of 2022 with Alami suffering a tragedy that saw her lose one of her hands.

According to Noti flow, they parted ways due to trust issues

“We met and talked but things weren’t the same. We had a lot of trust issues coz of a lot of things that went down when we’d broken up.

“I told her to chose between her partying and random friends. She walked away, so I guess she wanted to be a free bird,” she said in a question and answer session previously.

Alami on the other hand denied claims that she hurt herself by jumping from a storey building after being dumped.

Also in 2021, Noti flow explained why she decided to become a lesbian.

“All (that) men have done is hurt, disappoint, break, cheat, detooth me and just in my previous relationship almost literally killed me. Over the years I have come to realise that men think that sex is everything and they are possessive. They want to have multiple partners but you as a woman it is an abomination to cheat. I never thought I would be able to share this with you but I am healed now,” she said.

However on Monday April 22, 2024, Noti Flow revealed that she has opted to look for a man as a bestie, because of nasty experiences with women.

“All my female friends turned out to be snakes. So I am trying a male bestie this time,” she wrote on her Insta story

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