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Netizens Tell Kiss 100 FM To Fire Their Host Kwambox Immediately

“Listen, even if you guys are not feeling Nigerians this week, I don’t care!” Kwambox said.

Netizens have rallied against Kiss 100 FM host Kwambox, demanding for her dismissal similar to the fate suffered by Shaffie Weru and his crew. The uproar comes on the heels of a controversial video posted by Kwambox and the radio station amid a wave of heightened concern over gender-based violence.

Kiss 100 FM’s parent company, Radio Africa Group, a while back took decisive action by terminating the services of its breakfast team hosted by Radio legend Shaffie Weru at Homeboyz radio following allegations of gender-based violence utterances.

Netizens are now urging a similar course of action against Kwambox.

The public outcry comes from a video featuring Kwambox dancing to Nigerian music, where she casually said, “Listen, even if you guys are not feeling Nigerians this week, I don’t care!” This statement, delivered in the wake of recent cases of innocent women falling victim to heinous crimes, struck a nerve with the online community.

One tragic incident that has fueled the public’s outrage is the murder of 20-year-old Rita Waeni, who lost her life after being lured by a suspect believed to be of Nigerian origin. The connection between the criminal and the nationality of the suspect has prompted netizens to demand the deportation of illegal immigrants from Nigeria, intensifying the already charged atmosphere surrounding the topic.

As sentiments run high and public pressure mounts, the question on many lips is whether Kiss 100 FM will respond to the call for Kwambox’s termination just like they did to Shaffie Weru.


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