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Diamond Announces End Of His Relationship With Zuchu

Diamond announced he is VERY single days after his mother said he has never introduced Zuchu to her as his lover.

The Bongo singer made the announcement through a post on his Instagram stories earlier today January 18, 2024, stating that he is now officially single.

“From today on, ningependa niwatangazie rasmi kuwa I AM SINGLE, sidate wala sina mahusiano na mwanamke yoyote…hivyo nisiwekewe mwanamke yoyote kama mwanamke wangu, itapotokea kudate ama kuwa na mahusiano nitawajuza ama kuwatambulisha as I always do!” Diamond announced.

Diamond zuchu

In an interview with Wasafi Media last week, Mama Dangote noted that Diamond has never introduced Zuchu as her lover.

She noted that as far as she knows, Zuchu is only an artiste under Diamond Platnumz’s music label Wasafi Records.

“Hajawahi kuniletea Zuchu eti anataka kumuoa. Mimi Zuchu najua ni msanii wake,” Mama Dangote said.

Diamond’s mother pointed out that her son could have a relationship with up to a hundred women while claiming that God has not yet instructed him to marry.

In addition, she said Zuchu is not the first woman to be romantically linked to his son, claiming that the WCB boss has been romantically linked to many women since he started his music career many years ago.

Late last year, Zuchu expressed her displeasure with Diamond’s baby mama Tanasha relocating to Dar es Salaam.

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