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“Unapiga Bibi?” Video Of Mwana Mtule Assaulting His Wife Angers Kenyans

Alpha Mwana Mtule is under intense scrutiny after being recorded physically assaulting his wife.

Concerned neighbors, primarily men, intervened to confront Mtule, ultimately dragging him out of the house.

The video captures a heated exchange, with Mwana Mtule heard shouting and cursing at his wife, who can be seen in tears, pleading for him to stop. Neighbors, disturbed by the violent confrontation, took decisive action to prevent further harm to the victim. This is not the first instance of domestic violence within the troubled relationship.

A section of neighbors pointed fingers at the wife for allowing Mtule back into their home, expressing concerns about his documented history of violence.

The altercation started when the wife questioned why Mtule had returned after their separation.

Mtule and his wife have been struggling with longstanding marital problems, blamed on the singer’s financial and emotional struggles following the decline of his music career.

The artist has been marred by scandal, having previously fabricated a poisoning incident and admitting to physically abusing his wife.

Mtule’s wife, a single mother of five children from a previous marriage, claimed she has been the primary financial support for the troubled singer.


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