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Netizens React As WaJesus Family Cry On Camera Before Revealing Daughter’s Face

“Huyu analia nini sasa na ni yeye alimwaga ndani?” “Kwani hawajawai ona mtoto wao pia?” Netizens ask as Kabi and his wife Milly Wajesus cry together.

Since it emerged that Kabi WaJesus chewed his cousin allegedly, netizens have never looked at him the same even as a father and although now saved.

An emotional moment captured on camera featuring popular YouTube couple Kabi and Milly Wajesus has stirred a mixture of reactions from netizens. The couple was seen crying uncontrollably before revealing their daughter’s face, a moment that sparked both empathy and criticism online.

As tears streamed down his cheeks, Kabi expressed his decision about sharing their daughter’s face with the world.

He voiced concerns about potential negativity and hurtful comments from online trolls, fearing the impact it could have on their children. Milly, equally emotional, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the couple’s shared anxiety over protecting their family from unwarranted negativity.

However, despite their genuine emotions, some netizens took to social media to criticize the couple for what they perceived as overreaction.

They argued that it was natural for parents to want to protect their children but questioned the need for such public displays of emotion.

The backlash faced by Kabi and Milly Wajesus is not entirely new. The couple has previously faced scrutiny and criticism, especially after it was revealed that Kabi had eloped with his cousin, a fact that netizens often use to attack and undermine him.


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