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Nikita Kering Sustains Injuries While Attempting To Milk A Cow(Video)

Popular female singer Nikita Kering is nursing leg injuries after being hurt while milking a cow.

In a video that she shared on TikTok, the milking exercise began very well with Nikita being able to get the cow to produce milk, when she first pulled the  teats.

On the second attempt, the cow began kicking and one of its kick got Nikita’s foot.

Shocked by the turn of event, Nikita jumped up in fear and scampered for safety.

“What?!” she captioned the video.

The video has left a section of her fans worried about her safety as others found it amusing and decided to joke about the whole incident.

“Ng’ombe ilisema what Kering wants Keringets,” a netizen said.

Another wrote that, “You missed the opportunity to call it Ng’ombe hii.”

“Kata kucha and be gentle you know how you like it done,” read a separate comment

“That is how grandma’s cow behave unless uvae sweater yake,” another netizen said.

Nikita is however yet to share any updates about the extent of her injury.


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