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Netizens React As Bishop Allan Kiuna Claims He Spent 459 Million On Cancer Treatment

“He didn’t perform miracles on himself?” A netizen asks after Allan Kiuna spent millions on cancer treatment.

Bishop Allan Kiuna, the founder and preacher of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), recently shared a triumphant announcement with his congregation in Nairobi. He has emerged victorious in his battle against cancer.

This joyous revelation came during a Thanksgiving ceremony held at JCC on Sunday, December 10, marking the end of a challenging journey that led him to seek treatment in the United States.

Bishop Kiuna recounted his courageous odyssey, disclosing that he initiated his sojourn to the United States in December 2022 while already grappling with the weight of illness.

Despite the tough medical challenges he faced, the bishop stood before his congregation, declaring himself cancer-free and expressing profound gratitude for the triumph over the debilitating disease.

In a moment filled with both relief and celebration, Bishop Kiuna revealed that the cost of his year-long treatment in the United States exceeded a staggering $3 million, equivalent to over Sh459,900,000.

However, he emphasized that the entirety of this substantial sum was miraculously provided by a higher power, sparing him the need to dip into his own pockets.

“I didn’t remove one coin from my pocket because the God of heaven provided. I did not call anyone,” Bishop Kiuna declared, his words met with cheers and applause from the congregation.

The bishop’s testimony not only underscores the personal victory over a formidable health challenge but also serves as a testament to the power of faith and divine provision.

As Bishop Kiuna resumes his leadership role at JCC, his journey becomes an inspiration, resonating with believers and affirming the profound belief in the miraculous intervention of a higher power in the face of adversity.


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