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Samidoh Explains Why He Unfollowed Karen Nyamu 

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh had a fight again and they decided to unfollow each other on social media.

Hawkeye online detective noticed the two lovebirds were no longer following each other on Instagram.

Samidoh was recently confronted by a fan who asked him about why he decided to unfollow his baby mama.

“Na ni kama kinakuramba Sammidoh .Mbona uli unfollow huyo mmama wako??I thought ni mfavourite, look alike na sijui mscorpio,” Sarah Gitau asked Samidoh.

In his response, Samidoh explained that it was just how life is.

”Sini life?” Samidoh said adding laughing emojis.

Speaking on the sidelines of a fundraiser for Samidoh’s foundation, Karen Nyamu dismissed concerns about her relationship with her baby daddy being on the rocks after they unfollowed each other.

The mother of three noted that love has its up and downs and that the fact she unfollowed Samidoh doesn’t mean they have broken up.

“Well, go and confirm it is true. You know when there are feelings, when people love each other clash here and there and overreacting happens and it is not the first nor the last time and it means nothing,” Karen Nyamu said.

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