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10 Hot Photos Of Senator Hezena Lemaletian Giving Kenyan Men Sleepless Nights

Photos of Senator Hezena Lemaletian are going viral on social media.

Hezena Lemaletian, a nominee of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), has not only made waves in Kenyan politics but also garnered attention for her impressive academic background and notable contributions to various sectors. Holding a degree in B.Com-Finance from the University of Nairobi.

Before entering politics, Senator Lemaletian served in key financial positions, showcasing her expertise and dedication.

Her roles as Finance Assistant at both the Tourism Fund (CTDLT) and the Ministry of Environment Mineral and Natural Resources show her commitment to public service and financial management.

Beyond her political and financial endeavors, Senator Hezena Lemaletian is a woman of diverse talents and achievements.

She holds the prestigious title of Miss Commonwealth, a recognition that speaks to her grace and involvement in initiatives that promote unity and cooperation among nations.

While Senator Hezena Lemaletian is celebrated for her professional accomplishments and contributions to diplomacy, her public image has also been marked by attention to her personal style and appearance.

Hot photos of the senator circulating on various platforms capture her elegance and confidence, showcasing her as a prominent figure not only in politics but also in sports after recent performances.

She was position 3 in the 1500m women’s race for Kenya my motherland at the EALA Games in Kigali,Rwanda.Hezena Lemaletian

Hezena Lemaletian

Hezena Lemaletian

Hezena Lemaletian

Hezena Lemaletian

Hezena Lemaletian

Hezena Lemaletian


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