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RIP: ‘Firirinda’ Hit Singer Dick Munyonyi Dies

Dick Munyonyi, celebrated for his viral hit ‘Firirinda,’ passed away on Saturday,after a prolonged battle with illness. The news of his demise, initially shared by Karangu Wa Muraya on Facebook, has left fans devastated.

Munyonyi’s rise to prominence occurred in 2021 when ‘Firirinda’ captured the hearts of music enthusiasts and became a viral sensation. However, his recent struggles with illness took a toll on his health, leading to a plea for financial assistance from philanthropist Karangu Wa Muraya just hours before his passing.

In a Facebook post, Karangu had appealed to fans, urging them to contribute to transferring the ailing artist to a facility with an intensive care unit (ICU). Despite collective efforts and contributions, Munyonyi’s health deteriorated, resulting in his untimely demise.

Expressing gratitude to Gatundu Hospital and KU Referral Hospital for their efforts, Karangu updated his followers on the tragic outcome and encouraged Kenyans not to tire of doing good, emphasizing life’s unpredictability.

Munyonyi’s musical journey began in 1971, reaching a pinnacle in 1989 when he performed at retired President Uhuru Kenyatta’s wedding. However, his career faced setbacks after the release of ‘Firirinda’ due to health issues, including tuberculosis.

Despite health challenges, Munyonyi remained a presence in the music scene, contributing by playing the guitar during his son’s performances. The resurgence of his fame came in 2021 when ‘Firirinda’ went viral on TikTok, 35 years after its initial release.

In January 2023, Munyonyi revealed his stage one prostate cancer diagnosis but remained optimistic about returning to the stage. Unfortunately, his battle with illness reached a sorrowful end. May his soul rest in peace, leaving behind a legacy of musical contributions that resonated with fans across generations.


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