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“Ball Si Yangu!” 67-Year Old Mubaba Denies Manzi Wa Kibera Pregnancy

“Hapa nimechezwa kabisa!” “Hiyo mimba haiwezi kua yangu!” Looks like Manzi Wa Kibera cheated on her old mzee to get pregnant or it’s all clout chase!

Manzi wa Kibera is making headlines just days after sharing her exciting pregnancy news with her 67-year-old husband on social media. The couple was seen happily dancing, celebrating the upcoming arrival of their baby. Her husband, with loving gestures, touching her growing baby bump, and their fans showered them with congratulations.

But things took an unexpected turn during a recent interview when Manzi wa Kibera’s lover, known as Nzioki, made a surprising statement. He claimed that he doubts the unborn child is his and accused his wife of playing games and possibly having an affair that resulted in her pregnancy. Nzioki expressed his doubts by saying, “Mimba si yangu” (The pregnancy is not mine).

The couple’s unconventional relationship has faced its fair share of challenges, with some fans questioning whether their love story is genuine or merely an attention-seeking plan.

Manzi wa Kibera had previously announced a breakup with Mzee in May, citing the constant criticism they faced due to their significant age difference.

The 22-year-old socialite also accused Mzee of infidelity with multiple women, which she discovered by going through his phone. Their relationship seemed to be over following these revelations.

Manzi Wa KiberaIn a surprising twist, the couple reconciled just days later. Manzi wa Kibera expressed her regrets about the challenges that led to their breakup, showing an understanding of the pain she had caused Mzee.

Given the constant drama and upheavals in their relationship, some fans have been asking whether this pregnancy is a genuine blessing or another social media stunt aimed at maintaining public attention.

Only time will reveal whether their pregnancy journey leads to a lasting bond or becomes another chapter in their saga of love, controversy, and suspicion.


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