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“Naona Nikihang Boots” Veteran Reggae MC Opens Up On The Serious Condition He Is Battling

A popular Kenyan MC John Maina aka MC Fullstop has opened up on the condition that he has been battling for two years now saying he is grateful to those who have stood with him.

The reggae and dancehall MC took to social media to reveal that he has been battling Tuberculosis since 2021 and the disease has affected him greatly.

MC Full stop revealed that the disease has seen one of his lungs collapse as well as limit his physical activities.

He added that he has lost hope especially now that lungs can not heal like the liver.

“Hii imeenda” literally. My left lung has totally collapsed nimebaki na moja. In 2021 i was diagnosed with TB ya lungs ikasosi lungs kabisa. 2022 nikapata TB ya throat nayo ikanimaliza sauti, Running, walking, kuongea ni shida. Alafu lungs zina ufala unlike Liver, haiwezi ji heal itabidi nijipange hapa naona niki hang boots. I just wanna say thanks kwa wale wamekuwa wakini support in this difficult moments God awa bless tu sana,” MC Fullstop wrote on social media.

Kenyans, including DJs Mo and Sadiq,  have however encouraged him not to give up as others wished him a quick recovery. Here are some of their reactions.

DJ Mo: You are a legend and one of the baddest in 254 and for sure bro God heals .keep praying and trusting Him in this whole process . Bless up 👊🏻.. you got this

DJ Sadiq: No boots are being hanged. ISAIAH 53:5 – By His stripes we are healed. Praying you get through this my bro

Supahero: Keep Your Positive Energy Ninja. Be strong. God is in control.



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