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“Done With Love!” Amber Ray Ends Relationship With Rapudo As She Embraces Being A Single Mum

Amber Ray has revealed that she is single just days after holding a lavish gender reveal party for her unborn child alongside Kennedy Rapudo.

The socialite took to her Insta stories to announce that she was done with love and was starting off the journey of being a single mum of two.

“A new day to start as a single mum of 2. #Donewith love,” she said accompanied by Celine Dion’s song A new day has come.

Amber and Rapudo held the gender reveal mid this month where they announced they were expecting a baby girl.

Their relationship has however been on and off and they had even broken up and unfollowed each other on social media shortly before the gender reveal.

Addressing the break-up rumors then, Rapudo said that they were just undergoing a difficult time in their relationship which is normal.

“Just to address some of your concerns and rumors. Not that I owe anyone an explanation though. No, we haven’t broken up and at this stage, I don’t think that is foreseeable. Yes just like any other relationship, we have our own ups and downs but we always try to work our things out,” he clarified.



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