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“Nyang’anya Mtu Bwana Alie” Amira Reacts To Amber Ray’s Break-Up With Rapudo

Jamal Rohosafi ex-wife Amira has shared a cryptic post following  Amber Ray’s break-up with Kennedy Rapudo.

Amira took to her Insta stories and shared a video of comedian Mtumba man talking about snatching people’s husband.

“Nyang’anya mtu bwana alie na nyimbo za Otile Brown, Saa zingine anayekupenda humpendi, anapenda mwingine,” Mtumba man says as he hawks his clothes.

screenshot of Amiras story

Amber Ray announced her break-up on Wednesday morning and the news has taken the internet by storm. This is because it is barely weeks since the couple held a lavish gender reveal party for their unborn daughter.

In her break-up post, the socialite said that she was done with love and was embarking on a journey of being a single mum of two.

Rapudo however reacted to her post saying that within two months, the cause of their break-up will be come out.

“A lie has so many variations the truth has none. In less than 2 months, we will all know the truth and the cause of the break-up. Ni hayo to kwa sasa,” he said.

Amber however hit back at him and all her exes who have been painting her negatively after break-up. She said that she will fight for herself this round by not allowing anyone to tarnish her name.

“Kuna hii tabia ya watu wakitoka in my life they run to social media and start tarnishing my name and I’ve always kept quiet and their secrets till to date, but I’m tired now. If any of my exes comes for me, we jua am willing to go to hell and come back. This time I will fight for myself,” she wrote on Instagram


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