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“My Son Would Still Be Alive Today If I Had Money Back Then” – Akothee 

Akothee painfully remembered her late son Retreat Roberts Woody Otieno who was born in the streets of Awendo town, Migori County.

In a statement, Akothee blamed her son’s death on poverty noting that she didn’t have the financial means to seek appropriate medical treatment for the child.

Akothee said her son died at just eight months old after he fell sick and she couldn’t afford to pay for his treatment.

“Oh, sometimes I feel like my child would have survived if I had the money to take him to the hospital. As a young mother, I lost my handsome son at the age of eight months. I am still sure that Retreat Roberts would be alive if I were mature, revealed more and had money for medical treatment,” Akothee wrote.

The 43-year-old mother of five discussed the painful incident while celebrating the medical success of another young child named Sharon, who had not walked since birth three years ago.

“Today, we have good news from RFH. SHARON IS WALKING, CHASING PEOPLE AWAY, AND NOW MOM HAS TO CHASE HER. Sharon, who was always left at home when people went to other places,” she said.

In her previous statements, Akothee had revealed that the late Roberts Woody Otieno was her second-born and was buried behind the farm where she lived with her daughters Vesha Awuor, Celine Aggry, Prudence Vanpelt, and her ex-husband Jared Okello.

Akothee got married at the age of 14 after getting pregnant for her baby daddy, by 16 she was already a mother to three children.

The controversial singer was married to her first love Jared Okello with whom she has three children with, they would have had four but one died.

Akothee gave birth to her late son Roberts Woody Otieno in the street with the guards acting as midwives, she had been chased from her matrimonial home at the time.


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