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“Glowing Nayo?” Edday Nderitu Reveals How God Has Changed Her Life After Breaking Up With Samidoh

Edday Nderitu relocated to America after Samidoh started a new family with Karen Nyamu.

Edday’s journey has been one marked by resilience, faith, and a steadfast commitment to her principles. In the wake of her breakup with Samidoh, the popular Kikuyu Benga musician, Edday has emerged stronger, more determined, and deeply connected to her faith.

As a mother of three children with Samidoh, Edday’s life was thrust into the public eye amidst the turmoil of a relationship marred by infidelity. However, rather than succumb to bitterness or despair, Edday chose to embrace her truth with courage and grace, earning admiration for her unwavering honesty and unwavering spirit.

Edday’s decision to relocate to the United States following the heartbreaking events in her personal life marked a pivotal moment of transformation. It was a bold step towards a new beginning, a testament to her resilience and determination to carve out a better future for herself and her children.

In a recent post on her Facebook page, Edday shared a photo of herself, accompanied by a caption reflecting on the blessings she has received since embarking on this new chapter of her life.

She spoke of the importance of alignment, of staying true to one’s principles despite the actions or opinions of others. For Edday, this commitment to her faith has been the cornerstone of her journey towards healing and renewal.

Central to Edday’s narrative is the power of prayer. In every post, she acknowledges the role that prayer has played in guiding her path and shaping her perspective. It is through prayer, she asserts, that she has found strength, solace, and ultimately, a sense of peace amidst life’s trials and tribulations.


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