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Netizens Confused As Zari Hassan And Shakib Go To Saudi Arabia Together

“Mtasubiri sana waachane!” Zari Hassan and her husband Shakib are in Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage.

This comes amidst rumors swirling about trouble in their relationship.

In some Instagram stories posted by Shakib, the couple looked happy, posing for pictures while holding each other. They were there to celebrate Umrah in Saudi Arabia.

Umrah is a special journey for Muslims to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia. It’s a time for reflection and prayer.

In one picture, Shakib and Zari stood outside a mosque, showing their love with blue and black heart emojis.

Zari also shared a video of them exploring the area and chatting with people. They seemed close, with Shakib putting his arm around Zari as they walked. In the video, they even shared a kiss.

This outing happened despite rumors suggesting their relationship was on the rocks. Earlier, Shakib had posted mysterious messages on social media, leading people to think there might be trouble between him and Zari.

At one point, Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz posted a video holding hands with Zari, surprising many. Shortly after, Shakib left South Africa, where they were living with their five kids.

Before leaving, Shakib posted a video cozying up to a Ugandan DJ, reportedly his ex-girlfriend. Zari later confirmed they had separated but emphasized it was a mutual decision.

So, despite the ups and downs, it seems Zari and Shakib are still finding moments of joy together, even traveling to Saudi Arabia for a special occasion. Their relationship might have its challenges, but they’re facing them together.


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