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“Alimwaga Ndani!” Mulamwah And Bestie Ruth K Share Stunning Maternity Shoot Moments

“Aulize Sonnie, soon atakua single mother!” Netizens claim Mulamwah will heartbreak, Ruth K and make her a baby mama.

Mulamwah and his bestie, Ruth K, have shared heartwarming moments from their recent maternity shoot, announcing the upcoming arrival of their first child together. The joyful revelation follows their traditional wedding ceremony a month prior, which Mulamwah playfully referred to as a simple visit.

Ruth took to her Instagram to unveil a series of beautiful baby bump photos, accompanied by a touching message addressed to their unborn child. Mulamwah, equally excited, shared snapshots from the maternity shoot, emphasizing the blessings that are coming their way.

“Blessing on blessings,” Mulamwah expressed, reflecting the couple’s genuine happiness.

The inseparable duo, who often refer to each other as besties, hinted at their pregnancy on social media a month ago, celebrating the love that brought forth this new chapter in their lives.

“First came love, love that created a new life, a blessing that fills us with joy and delight. Creating life is the best feeling🤗❤️ you are already loved. Can’t wait to meet you,” shared Ruth.

Mulamwah had introduced Ruth K as a close friend following his publicized breakup with his baby mama, Carol Sonnie. Their relationship ended after the birth of their daughter, Kayla, with Mulamwah citing financial constraints as a factor in the separation.

The comedian, in a previous interview, revealed that the breakup was initiated by Sonnie, who had certain lifestyle expectations that he couldn’t fulfill at that time. Now, Mulamwah and Ruth K are eagerly anticipating the newest addition to their family, radiating joy and love in their maternity journey.


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