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Mike Sonko Replies To Netizens Claiming He Smashed Karen Nyamu At His Office

“Wale wanasema ati jana nilikula Senator.” Mike Sonko speaks after viral photo with Karen Nyamu.

A photo of Mike Sonko and Karen Nyamu without shoes made netizens claim they had some lungula at his office.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has, for years, claimed that he connected Mugithi star Samidoh to his baby mama, Karen Nyamu. Sonko took to Karen’s Facebook page to urge her to concentrate on her political responsibilities and minimize online dramas.

In a post, Sonko acknowledged Karen’s promising political future but cautioned that ongoing public disputes might hinder her progress. He advised her to stay in her lane and cease pursuing her baby daddy, especially since he is married.

In a candid conversation on Convo’s YouTube Channel, Karen Nyamu highlighted five qualities that make it challenging for her to leave her partner, Samidoh. Despite the couple’s journey being marked by both highs and lows, Karen, a nominated senator, openly expressed her authentic nature and credited her strict Christian upbringing for shaping her character.

Karen commended Samidoh for his attractive vibe, cool spirit, sense of humor, openness, and authenticity. The couple, parents to two children, has faced public scrutiny, with a viral photo of Mike Sonko and Karen Nyamu without shoes sparking rumors.

Karen Nyamu and Samidoh recently visited Sonko and took photos. Sonko shared one when they just the two of them barefoot leading netizens to make conclusions as usual.

Responding to allegations of an affair, Sonko retorted, “Wale wanasema ati jana nilikula Senator. Kwani siku hizi madem wanakulwa mbele za mabwana wao kama kukula chakula?” suggesting that the speculations were baseless.

He also shared a photo where all three are together.


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