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“Na Amebeba Mjulus!” Kenyan Ladies Go Wild As Nelly Oaks’ Bulge Shows While Holding Akothee

“Nelly una mzigo babaa! Baba taifa amesimama!” Netizens say after Akothee shares hot photos with Nelly Oaks.

Akothee has ignited a buzz among fans with a series of affectionate photos featuring her manager, Nelly Oaks, shared on Facebook.

The snapshots, capturing a tender moment between the two, have stirred curiosity and left followers wondering if there’s more to their relationship than meets the eye.

In the photos, Akothee is seen embracing Nelly Oaks in a loving manner, prompting fans to raise eyebrows and speculate about a potential romantic connection. The images, shared on the singer’s Facebook page, quickly became a hot topic of discussion among her followers.

The unexpected display of affection has led to fans expressing surprise and skepticism, with many questioning the relationship status of Nelly Oaks. The singer’s supporters are left pondering whether the duo is more than just a manager-artist partnership.

Akothee’s past relationships have also become a topic of conversation, as fans delve into the singer’s romantic history.

The intriguing photos have undeniably created a buzz, leaving fans eagerly awaiting any further clarification from the singer about the nature of her relationship with Nelly Oaks.

The social media speculation continues as fans attempt to unravel the mystery behind the affectionate snapshots with many saying this is beyond work now.


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