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“Wamama Poleni!” Moya David Proposes To His Hot Girlfriend Julie

“Wana nitaka mimi siwataki nakutaka wewe tu!” Moya David and his lover Julie are inseparable, they seem to communicate as “Love Song” by Alikiba and Marioo plays.

TikTok sensation David Moya recently set social media ablaze by seemingly proposing to his longtime girlfriend, Julie. The couple took their love story to new heights with an unexpected engagement announcement.

The heartwarming moment unfolded in a TikTok video shared by Julie, where Moya was behind the wheel while she sat in the passenger seat. As the camera rolled, Julie proudly showcased a dazzling ring, sparking immediate speculation among eager netizens.

The big size and sparkle of the ring captured the attention of fans, prompting them to flood Julie’s comments section with inquiries about a potential proposal.

Congratulations poured in from fans and followers who couldn’t contain their excitement at the prospect of Moya and Julie taking their relationship to the next level.

Julie actively engaged with the comments on her post, further fueling speculation and leaving fans eagerly anticipating an official confirmation.

Moya had previously introduced Julie to his online audience months ago, and since then, their journey together has been documented with adorable moments and lavish displays of affection.

Moya’s reputation as a TikTok dancer and entertainer has made him a beloved figure, and fans have eagerly followed the unfolding love story between him and Julie.

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