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“Mnapenda Mazishi Sana!” Kate Actress Responds To Fans Asking Her To Rekindle Love With Phil

“Why don’t people choose peace for the sake of their children?” Kate Actress asks.

Popular actress Kate Actress recently found herself responding to social media comments attempting to reconcile her with estranged husband Philip Karanja. The speculation arose when Kate shared photos from their daughter’s birthday celebration at school, sparking unsolicited suggestions from well-meaning fans.

A fan named Wangeci Ndegwa expressed a wish for the couple to resolve their differences for the sake of their innocent children. In response, Kate expressed frustration, saying, “Why don’t people choose peace for the sake of their children… I wish too… Mnapenda mazishi sana (You love funerals too much).”

Another fan, Lilian James, suggested a reconciliation, emphasizing that small differences shouldn’t break a marriage. Kate firmly retorted, “You lived with us? Women of my time are choosing themselves. Kindly respect that.”

Addressing a comment praying for their reunion, Kate advised, “Divert your prayers to yourself, my dear.” Despite the separation, Kate praised Phil as a great dad to her kids, emphasizing their luck and blessings to have him.

Kate will now be bullied online she says. “I am a clapback queen because I have witnessed what online bullying can do. You must take what you dish on my page. We all have our opinions, but let’s not always overstep, my peeps. I am not the one. Otherwise, let’s resume. I will never be a doormat at the expense of peace. I am just real,” Kate declared.

The actress and Phil Director announced their separation earlier this year, affirming their commitment to co-parenting, friendship, and business partnership.

Despite ongoing rumors about what caused their marriage to end, both Kate and Phil have requested privacy and respect for their decision to part ways, urging everyone to allow them to proceed with their lives.


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