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Ifikie Karen Nyamu! Netizens Excited As Edday Nderitu Shares Airport Photos With Her Kids

“It’s time!” Edday Nderitu says. “Asirudi huku Kenya aki. Usirudi” Netizens react.

Edday Nderitu, the legal wife of Kenyan musician Samidoh, has sent netizens into a frenzy as she shared captivating photos with her children at an airport. Having departed Kenya for the United States in May, Edday has been on a journey of self-discovery and resilience, setting new goals in her life beyond the confines of her matrimonial home.

The series of photos, posted on her Instagram page, showcased Edday and her children donned in matching grey sweatpants and stylish black sports shoes. The trio exuded confidence and happiness, with Edday radiating elegance in the sporty ensemble. Her eldest daughter, Shirleen Muchoki, looked adorable in light pink sweatpants and black and white vans, carrying a sling bag across her shoulders and donning a black bonnet.

The heartwarming images also featured Edday’s youngest son, Micheal, who sported black and red sweatpants, white sports shoes, and a beaming smile as he held onto his mother and sister’s hands. Notably absent from the photos was Edday’s youngest daughter, Nimo, leaving fans curious about her whereabouts.

In another snapshot, Edday was accompanied by her friend Bernice Saroni, a figure who has received acclaim for supporting Edday during her challenging times. Saroni played a role in assisting Edday in leaving her matrimonial home after Samidoh had children with nominated senator Karen Nyamu.

The cryptic caption “It’s time,” leaves fans speculating about Edday’s next move.

While it remains unclear whether she is returning to Kenya or embarking on a holiday adventure, netizens are eager for her return and eagerly await updates on her journey.

The airport photos have sparked a wave of excitement and curiosity, creating a buzz within netizens as they speculate about Edday Nderitu’s destination.


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