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“I am Ready For A Second Baby” DJ Pierra Makena Declares Days After Turning 43

Rica Pokot will be turning 8 years old this year and her mother  DJ Pierra Makena is ready to give her a sibling.

The DJ said that this dream will only materialize when she gets  the right man.

“I feel like now, I am ready for a second baby. I am just waiting for the right man,” she said in an interview at a recent event.

The mother of one went on to share some of the things that she is looking forward in her Mr. Right.

“No pressure on that. My ideal man has to be God-fearing, somewhat good-looking, and very hardworking. I don’t want to struggle, and I don’t want whatever I have built to be misused. It doesn’t have to be a wealthy person, but someone who is hardworking and will complement me,” Pierra said.

She however admitted that she receives many advances on her DMs even from celebrities and politicians.

“I get many love advances in my DMs, but I haven’t spiritually connected with any of them. I find celebrities and politicians hitting on me all the time. I might fall in love with one of them, but they need to be the right one,” she said.

The father of DJ Pierra’s daughter is however not known as she has managed to keep the matter under wraps.

A while back she revealed that the man was dead to her and that she would never beg him to take care of his daughter.

“Kama ni kupush mkokoteni I would rather do it than beg a man to love his own flesh and blood. So for me if a man chooses not to be in the life of his child, that one sina hata shida kabisa. That is who he is and I respect that and I let him be, but I would never ever force. God forbid. That doesn’t make me hate him coz that’s who he is,” she said.


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