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Mike Sonko Says Conjestina’s Family Made It Hard For Him To Help Her

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has denied allegations of abandoning former boxing star Conjestina Achieng’, whose health has reportedly taken a turn for the worse.

In a social media post on Friday, Sonko released phone call recordings with Conjestina’s family to shed light on the situation, asserting that she left his team due to a misunderstanding.

According to Sonko, the rift began when he couldn’t secure a plane ticket for Conjestina from Mombasa to Nairobi, resulting in her taking a bus while he flew. The former boxer allegedly expressed displeasure upon being picked up from the bus stop, insisting on returning home to Siaya.

Sonko defended himself, citing his commitment to court obligations and emphasizing that Conjestina’s family hindered his efforts. He disclosed opposition to the family’s decision to recall her from his care, arguing that they were ill-prepared to oversee her rehabilitation adequately.

Sonko said that he had done his best to assist Conjestina but blamed her family for undermining his efforts. He expressed willingness to reconcile with them, indicating a possible third chance in their relationship.

In response to concerns about Conjestina’s health, Sonko shared that after her rehabilitation in Mombasa, he had offered her a job as one of his closest aides.

Veteran sports journalist Carol Radull, who visited Conjestina, echoed concerns about her deteriorating condition after spending close to two months in Siaya. Radull acknowledged the challenges in finding a long-term solution to Conjestina’s predicament but pledged to remain a supportive friend.


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