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Mercy Kyallo Shares Photos Of Her Simple Wedding 

Betty Kyallo’s younger sister Mercy Kyallo has started the new year 2024 by getting married to her sweetheart.

Mercy sparked excitement when she shared a photo of her and the groom kissing passionately in a wedding setting.

While the man’s face remains hidden, the photos Mercy posted show both of them wearing wedding rings, a clear indication that they tied the knot.

The photos, featuring her holding hands with her partner, prominently display rings on their fingers.

“Forever,” Mercy Kyallo captioned her post.


Mercy Kyallo has been dating discreetly, vowing never to post her sweetheart after a series of heartbreaks and failed relationship.

In May 2023, Mercy Kyallo was seen kissing a bearded man thought to be her boyfriend during a public function.

The man in question attended the launch of Kyallo Kulture Season 2 that went down on at the Radisson Blu hotel in upper hill.

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