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Socialite Black Cinderella Claims Oga Obinna R@p3d Her In Explosive Expose’

Socialite Black Cinderella has come forward with allegations against Oga Obinna, accusing him of r@p*ng her. She also claims that other women are coming out. The explosive exposé, which surfaced on social media platforms, has sent left netizens in disbelief, raising serious concerns.

Black Cinderella, known for her vibrant presence in social circles, took to her Instagram to reveal disturbing details about Oga Obinna, accusing him of s3xual assault.

The accusations have sparked outrage and initiated a heated discussion surrounding the responsibility and conduct of individuals with significant online followings.

The socialite alleges that she was subjected to inappropriate advances and non-consensual acts during a private meeting with Oga Obinna. Black Cinderella provided a harrowing account of the incident with the comedian.

As the revelations gain traction, supporters of Black Cinderella are calling for a thorough investigation into the matter.

Oga Obinna, who boasts a substantial subscriber base on YouTube, has responded to the accusations publicly.

“Some videos and pics aren’t postable! So I won’t post them. I DIND’T KNOW IT’S SOMEONE WHO IS USED TO DO THIS WITH PEOPLE FOR ATTENTION.However, my lawyer will handle this. Water under the bridge!Being a public figure is dangerous!A slippery slope. People talk Shit about you, and when you defend yourself, YOU ARE THE BAD ONE!!” Obinna writes.


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