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KRG Mocks Tanzanian Musicians After Attending Alikiba’s Event In Dar es Salaam 

KRG the Don was among the few Kenyan artists who were officially invited to attend the launch of Alikiba’s media house Crown Media.

Ali Kiba launched Crown Media to celebrate 20 years in music.

There will be Crown FM, Crown TV and Crown Digital.

In a star-studded ceremony on Saturday evening March 16, 2024, Alikiba said he aims to reach as many people as possible through his new entity, Crowns Media, which will include a TV station, radio station, digital media and events.

Present during the launch were, among others, former Tanzania President Jakaya Kikwete and fellow singer Ommy Dimpoz.

KRG the Don also attended Crown Media launch in Dar es Salaam.

After returning to the country, the Kenyan musician mocked his Tanzanian counterpart saying that he is even bigger than the rest of the country.

In an interview with SPM Buzz, KRG said that he realized that the economy of the city of Nairobi alone exceeds the economy of the entire nation of Tanzania.

He also bragged that he has a great ability to buy the whole country with all their artistes, from the biggest to the one who is emerging today.

KRG went on to say that even if he decided to just sleep for 10 years from now, no Tanzanian artiste can attain the kind of wealth he has.

“Sasa mzee GDP ya Nairobi, unaona Nairobi tu hii, pesa tu inacirculate hapa Nairobi, economy yetu ya Nairobi imagine Tanzania nchi nzima haiwezi fika. Hio nimewaambia leo siri hamjawai jua. Doh inacirculate to Nairobi county pekeake ni mob kuliko yenye inacirculate Tanzania nchi yao yote.

“Alafu ucheze na Wakenya wewe? Mi naweza nunua Watanzania wasanii wao wote wakishikanishwa kutoka Diamond mbaka ule mdogo mwenye anatoka leo, wote niwalipe niwaambie ni Bughaa.

“Hawawezifika ata fika ata nkilala miaka kumi, si mi huambia hivyo kila siku munadhani ni jokes. Mi siwadanganyagi,” KRG said.


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