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“Niko Kwa Soko!” Marakwet Daughter Says She’s Single Gives Conditions To Date Her

“Mali safi chito” hit singer Marakwet Daughter is asking men to hit on her as she’s very single and available to mingle.

Marakwet Daughter, renowned for her viral song ‘Mali Safi Chito,’ has boldly declared she’s single while laying out clear conditions for potential suitors.

In a recent interview with vloggers, Marakwet daughter dismissed rumors of being in a relationship, despite often sharing photos posing with different men on social media.

Addressing her relationship status, Jepkorir, whose stage name echoes her Marakwet roots, said, “Having a man is not a bad thing, but I think for now, I have not yet gone to church. As you can see, I do not have a ring. I am still in the market. Get me out. But don’t come without a plan. Or you’ll know that you don’t know. I am still in the market like dates.”

She disclosed earlier this month that she had been married at the tender age of 16, driven by the desire to escape her family’s poverty. As a young bride, she faced tough challenges within the marriage, enduring five years of hardship before making the courageous decision to leave her husband and return home.

“I didn’t go to high school. I got married at 16 years old. Then, things were so rough that it made me prefer the life I had at home to the one I was having in my house. Then I left him when I was 21. I went through a lot,” she revealed.

Even after many years of suffering, her resilience and determination shine through she says.

Having experienced the darker side of matrimony, although currently single, she’s asked potential suitors to approach her with a well-thought-out plan or they will know they don’t know.


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