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Bernice Saroni Criticizes Men Like Samidoh Seeking “True Love” Outside Marriage

“Goat wives ata nyinyi pateni love of your life. No stress in 2024!” Bernice Saroni says.

Bernice Saroni, has delivered a powerful message addressing the controversial trend of married men seeking “true love” outside their marital commitments like Samidoh did to Edday Nderitu his legal wife to start a family with Karen Nyamu.

Bernice and mugithi singer-cum policeman are family.

In a TikTok video, she dismantled the assumption that married women, particularly those who have children, are somehow less desirable to potential suitors.

Bernice urged respect for wives and emphasized the importance of prioritizing inner peace.

Bernice raised big questions about the prevalent belief that married women can’t find love within the confines of matrimony. She specifically highlighted the growing behavior among what she referred to as “GOAT wives” against tolerating polygamous relationships, saying they should swiftly exit such situations.

According to Bernice, the foundation of a strong marriage lies in mutual respect rather than just romantic love.

She also sent a strong message that married women, especially those deemed as GOAT wives, are fully capable of finding love within the bounds of marriage if they choose to do so. She emphasized the crucial role of commitment and respect in sustaining a healthy marital relationship, urging women to prioritize these elements.

Bernice argued that modern married women, who prioritize self-care and happiness, have no tolerance for polygamous relationships.

She says, women of today are empowered to leave men introducing polygamy into their marriages, emphasizing that no man possesses the strength to watch his wife being loved by another.

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