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Jacque Maribe Reveals Her Weekend Plans After Court Postpones Ruling On Her Murder Case

Jacque Maribe decided to seek fun abroad even as he faces possible jail term for murder of Monica Kimani.

Maribe and her ex-boyfriend Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu are the prime suspects in Monica Kimani’s murder.

The case has been high profile owing to Maribe’s renowned status and her fall from grace to grass in the media industry.

On Friday, January 26, 2024, Maribe did not show up in court where Justice Grace Nzioka was set to deliver her judgment in the case in which businesswoman Monica Kimani was murdered in September 2018.

Through her lawyer, Maribe requested the adjournment, citing illness.

Justice Grace Nzioka expressed frustration over the delay, stating that the verdict was ready, and important matters had been cancelled for the hearing.

Maribe’s lawyer assured the court that this was the first time his client had requested an adjournment due to illness since the trial began.

However, Justice Nzioka agreed to the adjournment but pointed out a discrepancy in the lawyer’s statement regarding Maribe’s history of adjournments.

Maribe strongly refuted the judge’s statement asserting that she never traveled to Uganda during the proceedings.

She emphasized that in five years, she had missed court only once, questioning why her illness was being highlighted.

“No. I didn’t miss court to travel out. No. In 5 years, I missed court once, and everyone has been sick. Judge, prosecutors, lawyers. Why is my falling ill in 5 years being such an issue,” responded Maribe.

The judgement has since been rescheduled to March 15.

However, after the court rescheduled the ruling to March 15, Maribe took to social media to reveal her weekend plan.

The mother of one suggested she could fly out to Qatar – a clear indication she was not even sick.

“Things to see and do this weekend…Qatar how you doing??” Jacque Maribe wrote on her Instagram stories.

In December 2023, Maribe expressed dissatisfaction with the court’s decision to postpone the judgment to January 26, 2024.

“It needs to stop!! 5 years I have respected the court, but also this is too much. This is not Kenya, Justice delayed is justice denied. Stop putting people’s live at limbo. If I am not culpable I’m not. I’m tired of this,” Maribe ranted.

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