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“Achana Na Vijiti” Manzi wa Kibera Asks Obinna To Leave Dem wa Facebook For Her

Manzi wa Kibera, who is rebranding herself as Dem wa Kibera Namba Nane after her fallout with her management, has explained why her recent interview with Obinna ended in chaos.

According to her, Obinna is always downgrading her because of her level of education and that is why she was pissed off, forcing her to leave.

“That was the only option I had. Sasa ashinde akiniattack na mambo ya education. Education what? Do you know I am living without that education and I am making money,” she said in an interview with Martin Dean.

At the same time, she urged  Obinna not to heed people’s advise on dating Dem wa Facebook, whom they are currently working together.

Instead, she asked Obinna to chase after her, now that she was back in the market.

“Advice yangu kwa Obinna Obinna nimerudi soko na sasa masaa ni ya kuchangamka, masaa ni ya kuslide DM. Wachana na vijiti chukua matank kama sisi tunadeliver the promise. Obinna take your time,” she said, promising to serve him fully and wholeheartedly.

“Dem wa Facebook, its that time you accept me and you to be a whole thing kwa Obinna. Obinna anapenda watu wamejaa jaa kama mimi,” she  added.

On the question of her body county she said, “City hoppa 12 zikiletwa hapa zitajaa na wengine watabaki nje wakingojea zingine tano. 500 ni kidogo. I think nimefika 10k plus, it is a whole community na bado wengine watasikia hii habari wakuje.”

The socialite has however promised a fresh start as she focuses on her acting career

“I already started afresh, I want to show you something different. I want to focus on acting. I want to meet Nava the Queen to show me acting. I want to go to Nigeria and act with her. I want to show you a new me, a positive me and a sweet me,” Manzi wa Kibera said.

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