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Man Cries Foul After Being Bewitched By His Stepmother For Failing To Buy Her Gift

One month after Elphas Akhwale visited his parents back in Bungoma county, life took a different turn.

Events that unfolded after Christmas of 2018 were like a faulty rollercoaster ride through hell.

Akhwale, who works in the finance department of a Nairobi-based supermarket belonging to a wealthy Asian man, left the capital city on December 11, 2018, with only one thing in his mind. To see his father.

He travelled with his wife and two children aboard a car he had bought in August the same year. Before they arrived at the village, Akhwale entered a supermarket in Kakamega Town where he did some heavy shopping for his beloved father.

His mother was late but the old man (his dad) had married a woman in her mid 40’s to keep him warm as his sunset years drew nigh.

The family enjoyed the December holiday. They wined and dined before returning to the city on January 6, 2019.

Ahead of setting off, Akhwale realised that his socks and a coat were missing. This, however, did not bother him much.

On the way back to Nairobi, the family of five was involved in a minor road accident. It was not very bad and the car managed to throttle all the way to their Umoja home.

The finance officer reported at work on January 13. This is the date he says he will never forget in his life.

He arrived at work late. It was around 10.30am. It was the first time he came late.

“I usually wake up very early, but on that day, I was up late. Immediately I arrived in the office, I experienced serious mood swings. Everything and everyone was annoying. I almost fought my boss,” he narrated.

When asked why he had arrived late at work and wearing a low and irritable profile, Akhwale exploded in anger. He hurled insults at his boss and everyone else before he flung the door and left.

“Fire me if you want. I am tired with this life,” the 33-year-old man said as he stormed out of the office.

After staying at home for about a month while ignoring calls from his boss and questions from the mother of his children, Akhwale decided to open a business.

Elphas Akhwale

Akhwale resorted to selling second-hand clothes at the Gikomba market. He could travel every fortnight to Mombasa to collect new arrivals. They were shipped in direct from China.

In July 2019, the unfortunate happened. He was involved in an accident. The canter carrying his merchandise was looted following the incident.

The businessman was bedridden until late August 2019. His family started experiencing financial difficulties. He became bankrupt and afterwards, auctioneers seized his car
Akhwale started to drink illicit brew.

“I believed it could cool me off. But I later realised it only gave me temporary relief. We were thrown out of the house and my wife travelled to her home with the children,” he recalled.

The businessman later moved in with a friend in Kibra informal settlement where they eked a living by seeking manual jobs from construction sites. He was never acquited with tough jobs. It was hard for him.

In January 2020 as he was heading to his favourite drinking joint in Satellite Estate, Akhwale met a saviour. It was his old friend whom he had helped while he was in financial distress.

Stephen was driving and his wife was seated at the front passenger seat in the sleek SUV. Akhwale was shocked.

“I narrated to him all that had happened and how friends had deserted me after I became helpless,” Akhwale offered.

According to Akhwale, his friend Stephen told him that he was saved from being a pauper after contacting renown herbalist Kishimba. Kishimba, who has vast experience in casting away demonic spirits, counselled him and prayed with him.

Akhwale offered to do the same. He contacted Kishimba on 0714 995 588 and confided to him how his life had turned it a mess.

“Do you remember the last time you were home? Did you take any gift to your stepmother? Your failure to take a gift to her made her hate you even more. She took your coat and socks to an evil witch doctor in Mount Elgon who cursed a bad spell on you. But I can help. Do not be afraid. I will reverse the spell and she will come begging for your forgiveness,” Akhwale remembered words of traditional healer Kishimba.


Two weeks after the session with Kishimba, distressed Akhwale received a call from his stepmother. She was begging to be forgiven for the pain she had caused.

As if everything was working like clockwork, his former boss (the Asian man) called and informed him that he still required his services. The philanthropic man sent him Ksh10,000 after Akhwale explained his dilemma.

“Use it to prepare to come for work next week,” the Asian said.

Akhwale turned up at work on February 26, 2020.

“I knew that was not you. Something must have gone wrong. Welcome back my son,” the Asian trader said as Akhwale, who was drenched in tears, kneeled asking forgiveness.

His wife came back on March 23. They started a new life in Mlolongo.

Are you troubled? Do you have heart wrenching difficulties that give you tears every day like Akhwale? If yes, worry no more.

Herbalist and healer Kishimba is here to restore your hope. Just contact him and he will swing into action. Be rest assured that it will be all smiles like it happened to Akhwale.

How to contact doctor Kishimba Simba

Mobile number: +254 714 995 588.

WhatsApp Number: +254 714 995 588.

Website –



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