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“Hii Imeenda!” Betty Kyallo Says Yes To Stevo Simple Boy, Goes On A Date With Him

“Wengine watasema ni photoshop. It was a nice afternoon with Stevo Simple Boy. Manze ameng’ang’ana sana.” Betty Kyallo says.

Netizens were shocked to witness an unexpected rendezvous between two seemingly unlikely sweet hearts, Betty Kyallo and Stevo Simple Boy. The internet was set abuzz when Betty, finally agreed to a lunch date with Stevo, the Kibera rapper known for his simple yet funny sayings and lyrics.

For Stevo Simple Boy, this wasn’t just a casual encounter; it was the culmination of persistent efforts to capture Betty’s attention. With poetic finesse, he poured his heart out in posts, declaring his admiration for Betty and even outlining his dreams of a future together, jokingly mentioning the prospect of a family with three kids, two boys and a girl.

Betty Kyallo, known for her elegance and grace, surprised many with her willingness to meet Stevo. Taking to her Instagram, she playfully acknowledged the skepticism of some, saying, “Wengine watasema ni photoshop 😅,” before affirming the reality of the encounter. She revealed the pleasant afternoon spent sharing a meal with Stevo, praising his determination and even humorously acknowledging his unique fashion sense.

In response, Stevo, true to his charming and light-hearted persona, expressed his affection with a touch of humor, he replied, “Love ❤️❤️❤️ 😍 mtoto milk maziwa!”

The lunch date between Betty Kyallo and Stevo Simple Boy, although unexpected to many, has left netizens amazed at how down to earth Betty Kyallo is. She’s always been a sweet heart to those that have met her though.

Love in its purest form, knows no boundaries and can manifest in the most unconventional of circumstances, the gods must be crazy but they’ve done it, this time for Stevo.


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