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“Mambo Ya Kuparara Tumekataa” Why Lucy Natasha Slays Despite Being A Pastor

Reverend Lucy Natasha has claimed being a slay queen does not distract her congregants from listening to the word of Good.

According to her salvation doesn’t have to be boring and she insisted that there is nothing wrong with looking good.

“It is important to slay and pray. We do both. We pray and we slay.  Kuokoka si kuboeka. Just like any woman who has been called in any field, there is nothing wrong with looking good. Divinity does not dismiss humanity. Just because you are a pastor or you are an apostle or you have been called to ministry doesn’t mean you  look a certain way. You can still be authentically you,” she told Oga Obinna.

Natasha added that said that as a vessel, she can be packaged in any manner, since the focus is not on her but the message that she has been given to deliver.

“At the end of the day, the gospel is not about us. We are just messengers with a message. When somebody comes to church, they are not coming to see me, they are coming to hear the word of God. The focus is not me, I am just a vessel, you can just package the vessel in whatever way. I don’t see a problem in looking good, putting on make up. It is all about personal preferences. If you want to stay of factory setting its okay,” she said.

The woman of God added that it is good to represent Christ in a way the current generation can relate.

“Mambo ya kuparara tumekataa. Right now you are seeing the glory but you don’t know the story behind the glory and you have know idea where I have come from.God has brought us from far and I thank God we don’t look like where we came from. Same person different seasons,” she said.Church

At the same time, Natasha revealed that she was called to serve in the ministry at the age of 9 years, where she would minister in children’s crusades.

According to her serving in the ministry has been passed down her lineage as her mother and grandmother are also pastors.





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