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Kabi Wa Jesus Reacts On Trending Couple Kyle And Brianna Who Claim To Be Siblings

A Kenyan couple, Kyle and Brianna, have been making headlines after revealing that they are siblings.

The two had dated for two years when they allegedly discovered that they share the same father.

The two blame their father for their current situation but they however are not planning on breaking up because of the immense feelings of love they feel for each other and they are looking forward to even raise children.

Their story has left Kenyans with mixed reactions, some condemning them for continuing with the relationship despite knowing they are siblings. Others are however convinced that they are just another couple seeking attention and are not related in any manner as they claim.

Kabi wa Jesus is among those who have shared their thoughts on the matter.

“I condemn that from every angle. I don’t see why people have reached that level. Hio ni level crazy sana but I would also wish kusema, si about tu the relationship, ni immorality imeingia ikakita mizizi ikashika nguvu kabisa ndio maana tunaona vitu kama hizo zikihappen. For me definitely I can not support such an agenda,” he said in an interview when asked about his thoughts on the matter.

His wife, Milly, on the other hand encouraged the Kyle and Brianna to quit the relationship while they still had time.

“They can still turn back, they do whatever they are doing. Waachane tu na hio story. There is still hope, waachane it is not too late,” she said.

City preacher Robert Burale also weighed on the matter, urging Kyle and Brianna to seek professional help and avoid doing media interviews.

“If this story is true there is a problem. And if it’s not true then there is still a problem. It’s a mirror of the society. If it’s true I don’t agree with it. 21 and 19 are too young. They are at an age where they don’t know what they want.

“A girl matures at 24. At 21 the boy is trying to figure himself out. But at that age, he should not come out to bash his father. I don’t know what the father did, evidence says he was absent, but children should understand what happened between them and their mother,” he said in an interview with Obinna.



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