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Jackie Matubia Breaths Fire After Being Questioned About Marriage And Single Parenting

Actress Jackie Matubia was confronted with questions about her plans to  get married and being a single mother.

During the premier of her movie Toxic on Tuesday evening, a local digital journalist questioned if she was looking forward to get married in the near future(bearing in mind that she has been in two failed marriages.)

“Jackie kuna watu wanataka kujua, being a single mother raising all this kids alone. Ukiangalia huku watu wanacomplain relationships don’t work. Is Jackie¬† planning to get married in the near future and if you will get married will it be to a celebrity like you ama ni somebody chini ya maji,” the journalist posed.

Matubia however told him that the focus of the day was on her movie and not her personal life.

“I love that question but today is about Toxic. It is not about Jackie Matubia. I have changed the narrative and that is what we need to focus on and not Jackie Matubia’s life. Ingekuwa ati nimewainvite tuongelelee Jackie Matubia I would have accepted such questions,” she said.

The actress further noted that she is not the first or last woman to be a single mother, urging the media to stop repeating her story as it was no longer new.

“I am not going to be the first or last single mother. Story yangu hamuezishinda mkiirepeat. It is not new. I am not the first neither will I be the last but today we are talking about Toxic. This is the first ever Kenya web series in the 254,” she said.

At the same time, Mtaubia added that her aim goal is to ensure that the Kenyan film industry stops adopting stories from other other countries, and instead focus on telling Kenyan stories.

“If I have to fight, I will fight for it,” she affirmed.

She also revealed what inspires her to work harder.

“Poverty inspires me in life. I would not want to wake up and find my kids struggling or am struggling. Mi ni dem wa Ongwaro, siwezitaka kuraise mtoi wangu Ongwaro so that is what motivates to do better in life,” she said.

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